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Benefits of BIM / Digital Twin

For Facilities Management

Engineers at work

Facility managers are trained to use equipment in 3D

Before they see it "live"

Response time is reduced

During an emergency service request

Space management is streamlined

Empty spaces can be color coded for fast visualization of vacancies for potential occupants

Significantly reduced time and effort finding related documents and information

To perform Preventative Maintenance after completion of building, leading to greater overall cost saving for facility

Visual inventory can be performed

Allowing greater insight into the location and condition of assets

3D objects can be “redlined”

By facilities maintenance personnel and the appropriate JPG can be attached to a WO, allowing for less confusion as to the asset to be worked on

Project information can be collected and turned over in a standardized format

Allowing for easy integration with other project databases

Greening of building is accomplished

Through integration with Building Automation Systems, allowing greater visibility to energy efficiency

Preventive maintenance jobs can be created

As information about equipment is specified / installed, even if the building is not complete

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