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Digital Operations Compliance 

The gaming & hospitality industry is facing ever
increasing regulations. To meet these, there is a growing need to gain access to information quickly about your facility. Digital visualization of your facility’s data can expedite the time it takes to complete audits of your safety programs, access and visualize your bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan (ECP), refine your hazard communication plan, track your chemical inventory, and access safety data.

The post COVID era requires air quality monitoring to maintain regulatory compliance as well as customer satisfaction. Spinview detects, measures, and monitors VOCs, particulate matter, and other pollutants within your facility. Whether visualizing existing air quality sensor data within your facility or providing a baseline model with periodic monitoring of CO2, smoke particulate levels, back of house spaces for gas leaks, Spinview can provide a visual report with a heat map of the gases per space.

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 ■    OSHA Safety Policy Compliance

Digital Visualization of emergency evacuation plans, simulation of bloodborne pathogen exposure, airflow visualization for COVID-19 Exposure control plan.

     Air Quality Monitoring & Mapping

Heat map of gases per space of your indoor air quality by monitoring CO2 levels as well as Volatile Organic Compounds.

■    Space Management Auditing

Digital space management allows casino to automatically audit the amount of tables per square foot of casino space for compliance.

■    Non-Restricted License Slot Machine          Auditing & Compliance 

Automatic visual tracking of quarterly revenue for license fee and tax purposes. Auditing compliance for 3-year casino audits.


These services effectively create an ongoing Digital Twin of your facility.

Digital Space Management
Allows the casino to automatically audit the number of table games, slot machines and other regulated casino assets per square foot of casino space for compliance as well as drill down capabilities into each table.


Digital Work Order Management
Technicians can easily find work orders, asset data, and create precise visual work orders, reducing the time it takes per work order and lowering labor costs.


Digital Marketing Data
Connect IoT Sensors outside of your casino to view live information on traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic to target market customers.


Digital Systems for Facility Maintenance
View mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, security, and other systems. Isolate sub-systems and drill down into individual assets to diagnose a problem.  Digital assets can also be connected to IoT Sensors to analyze readings and simulate predictive outcomes.

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