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About Spinview North America

Integrity Aerospace Group Inc. (IAG), a leading North American reseller and holding group for first class technology, equipment and services, formed Spinview-NA, LLC in 2022. This new company will support IAG’s exclusive partnership with Spinview, the Enterprise Metaverse startup based in London, to bring their visual intelligence platform and technologies to customers in North America as part of Spinview’s global expansion efforts.


Spinview leverages digital twin technology together with Building Information Modeling (BIM), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and immersive and visual technologies in one platform, allowing countless teams to operate in the same cloud-based visual project environment. Spinview creates digital twins, based on real world data (utilizing LiDAR and environmental sniffers), which afford owners, engineers, and maintenance professionals the context to make informed decisions that enhance operations, drive efficiencies and meet regulations.

Keeping Our Mission in View

Our Core Values

To deliver an amazing customer, employee, and vendor experience through lasting impressions and relationships, while providing first class products and services.






Service Excellence





"Spinview’s vision of providing key information on the structural, operational, and environmental efficiencies of infrastructure and facilities all on one platform is the kind of innovation and service that our customers have come to expect from our team."

Leon Bunch, CEO of IAG

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